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Aswathy Vinod1

Ms. Aswathy Vinod joined as the consultant to formulate a training program to sensitise and empower the subject teachers in the degree(HI) classes. She built the program from scratch as there was no program available for such a target population. NIM-TIE (NISH Innovations Model - Training for the Inclusive Educator) is an intense full time program that develops the skill required for the "Higher Education Special Education Teacher" in a short span of time. Not only is this an interactive program, but practical oriented one with variety of topics that will develop the whole personality. We have run two pilots and one full fledged session and we have seen the transformative effect NIM-TIE has on the participants. Aswathy put her heart and soul in preparing every aspect of the program and tweaked the sessions continuously to include more relevant topics. She picked up ISL on the way and became an expert interpreter on campus in a short time too. Her passion and dedication to assigned tasks has been evident during these two years.

Thank you Aswathy for your contribution to NISH and showing us the impact of commitment and persistent hard work. We wish you all the very best in life as you move on to serve and contribute to the field of education.



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