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Overview of NISH Library.

‘A key resource in our journey of innovation & excellence’

Academic libraries play a pivotal role in higher education arena. Class room oriented learning takes a qualitative transformation towards knowledge-oriented learning. Libraries have undergone a paradigm shift in the new century with the use of digital and internet resources to become an information source in contrast to the traditional concept of store-house of books. Libraries act as the main facilitator of learning and source for knowledge dissemination.-

The NISH Library is a work in progress as the plans for development into an information hub are being implemented step by step. Currently, the library holds a varied collection of books, national and international journals, online journals, standards, electronic media such as CDs and DVDs, newspapers, periodicals, magazines etc. The library holds over 2000 + national & international books covering fields of interest relevant to the students and staff. Resources are mainly related to audiology, speech, language, voice, communication disorders, autism, education, psychology, disabilities and rehabilitation, fine-arts, computer science and  commerce.

The library is an institutional member of UGC- INFLIBNET consortium, subscribing to 6000+ e-journals and 97000+ e -books through its NLIST initiative. Besides these 26 international e-journal packages also subscribed covering relevant topics of academic and research interests.

The facilities include digital library section with license to use major international online databases. An institutional digital repository of projects, theses, dissertations, question bank etc. is also a part of the digital library

RRRLF Library

There is also a Childrens' library at NISH which shelves a wide range of magazines, short stories, comics and other informative books. This library has been funded by RRRLF.


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