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The Higher Education Foundation Programme started in July 2013 at NISH prepares students after their higher secondary education to be active participants in the enhancement of learning, development and achievement as Degree students. While enrolled in the Preparatory Programme, students are educated and trained to become more effective in their higher education.
The department houses a diverse group of active, resourceful and helpful faculty members who inspire their students to strive for excellence. They prepare the students in English, Maths and Indian Sign Language for one year and they enter their degree programmes only if they pass the exams.

This programme enables the students to develop their reading and writing skills in English, skills in Maths and also trains them in Indian Sign Language for effective communication. The skills acquired will enable the students to access written material in English and thus broaden their intellectual and social horizons apart from enabling them to interact widely with people in the world at large. The programme has both classroom and library work, language games and ingeniously designed activities.

The students are given training in English Comprehension and English Grammar through an array of training programmes. The faculty members use different methods like activity based teaching, word games, module presentations, technology related training for improving writing skills in English through SMS, exercises using tablet etc.

The students are given training in problem solving, simple calculations etc using the smart board in the classroom. They do exercises in the computer labs and also using tablets.

Indian Sign Language
As the hearing impaired students use different local signs in their communication, a uniform sign language is being taught to make the communication much easier. An Indian Sign Language instructor teaches both the teaching staff and the students.


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