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1. Purpose

The software (Adobe & Coral Draw) for the purpose of the conduct of Graphic Design Course in NISH campus.

2. Technical Specification & Requirement

Sl No

Item Description


Offer price (₹)


Creative cloud for teams all app multiple platforms multi Asian languages team licensing subscription new education named license level - 2  - for 12 Months for 11 Users

11 Users License



Coral Draw Graphic Suit 2017 + mandatory 2 years maintenance for 11 users

11 Users License


3. Tender should comprise of the following documents

3.1 Company profile, registration details and certification.
3.2 Detailed technical specification.
3.3 Information regarding when is the upgraded/Updated version likely to come
3.4 Warranty details

4. Terms & Condition

4.1 The rate shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties and other incidental expenses.

4.2 The tenderer should clearly state whether he/they are manufacturer, accredited Agents, or sole representative (indicating the name of Principal) on the top of the tender document.

4.3 Customs Duty, Excise Levies etc. if payable should be mentioned in the quotation separately. Rates quoted should be firm for acceptance by us within a period of 3(three) months (90 days) from the date of opening.

4.4 The Bid shall be neatly arranged, plain and intelligible with page numbering. The authorized person should sign each page of the tender.

4.5 Negotiation may be conducted with the lowest qualified Tenderer

4.6 Original licensed software issued to the institute in the name of Executive Director, NISH and the same has to be handed over.

4.7 Training if required should, be provided free of cost.

4.8 The price quoted shall be considered firm and no price escalation will be permitted.

4.9 Payment Terms. No Advance payment. 100% Payment will be passed on full completion of all works after the certification and payment recommendation from IT Department of NISH.

5. Tender fee and Earnest money

(as Demand Draft): The tenders shall be accompanied with a tender fee of ₹ 700/- (Rupees seven hundred only) excluding applicable taxes and earnest money deposit amounting to ₹4,700/- (Rupees four thousand and seven hundred only) payable to NISH at Thiruvananthapuram. The earnest money shall be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderer after the work is finalized and awarded. Incomplete tenders without EMD shall not be considered.

Interested parties may send the tenders along with their profile. Tender documents duly filled up, signed and inserted in a sealed cover should be forwarded to the Executive Director, National Institute of Speech & Hearing, NISH Road, Sreekariyam P. O., Thiruvananthapuram 695 017 on or before 14:30 hrs, 24/07/2018 super scribed with "Tenders for the supply of software in NISH Campus" which will be opened at 15:00 hrs. on the same day.

NISH Authority reserve the rights to accept or reject any tender or part thereof or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

Executive Director
Tender Inviting Authority


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